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Sep. 16th, 2009 | 09:18 pm

really, really, REALLY missing my boy(s). *sigh*

actually, my older dog isn't in my thoughts as much. not because i dont love him dearly, but more because he's connected to chicago moreso than savannah. with red it was all magic here, i see the places we walked together and the parks we jogged around and the dog park; he IS savannah to me. having him all the way in atlanta is really starting to get to me hard. it's only been 4 weeks and I'm already crushed.

i know its sappy, sorry. typical zoo broken-heart story, hehe.

but sex. i'm sure you all want to know about that. i've been playing with toys again, which is great! I VERY much enjoy taking my gryphon toy from bad-dragon to full knot, or tying with the ellypse toy. i can take about 8 pumps in that before I cum like crazy! i also had a great day with a diaper, a cup and a half of oatmeal, and some of my own mess. murr, it was great to get back into it! Its tough balancing the kinks with a partial-lover, though. i don't want to get messy before i get into bed with him, but that's usually the only opportunity i have to do so. *sigh*

ah, class. class, class, class. bwaha.

i'm getting back to that point where i just want to cut ties and go 'cross the US with red. i really do. just get away from it all and head off, no strings attached. it would be so liberating... or so wrong, and then i'd learn. either way, it's important to me.

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