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Sep. 5th, 2009 | 07:56 pm


the pup i picked up was fucking amazing, he was big and beautiful and had a really charming personality. however, he just wasn't into sex much. he was never a humper, even towards a bitch in heat (surprising), so there's pretty much no way he'd mount a human. He shows promise as a licker, but he's not a natural. i loved him very much and miss him horribly. I'll be seeing him again around thanksgiving. he ended up being just under 70lbs. he was 15 months, too, which is probably why he wasn't all that interested in much. I ended up having him neutered since its the responsible thing and he will be staying at a house where someone else has to control him. that's fine by me; he loves when i play with his sheath and ballflap (where his balls used to be). I got to meet his dad (dog), and laughed because his balls were bigger than the ones that made him! Baha!

also, don't know why i forgot to update here, but jenner and i got around to proper front-hole sex. i am now a master. i went from being unable to take the knot on my gryphon toy to taking it all and not feeling any associated pain. also, i can take 7-8 pumps on my elipse without complaint (and with HELLA LOTS OF PLEASURE!). i LOVE taking him, i love making him cum and making him shake and twitch and loose all sense of self while he's fucking me. I love that i know how to massage him to make it impossible for him to avoid shooting his load.

Also, I'm learning about blowjobs. slowly but surly bidding farewell to the gag reflex.

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