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Noble? Hell no. No Bull? Absolutely.

the truth as I've never told it before

27 November 1988
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I have four journals. This is the fifth one. On one journal i write about the mundane things going on in my 'normal' life. One another i wrote about things going on a lot of years ago in my 'normal' life. One a third one i pretend to be a gay man living in chicago who loves peeing on plushies and being fucked by big, hairy guys. On my fourth one i'm even more twisted, i pretend to be a filthy gay guy who loves scat, piss, diapers, domination, huge toys, anal rape, zoosex, taking dog knots, and being the kinkiest person on earth.

in reality i am pretty mundane. i want to do a lot, but i dont have the resources to do them. i'm sick of lying about how kinky i am or how NOT kinky i am, so this is my nobull truth. (noble truth)
i tell it like I am, i'll join the communities i affiliate with and be 100% true about what i have or have not done. I am kinky as all hell, i love sex and masturbate daily, and was born a woman but am now a man.

have fun with that.