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Apr. 28th, 2009 | 01:47 am

so we're pretty much dating. or rather, we're friends who fuck. if we want to date is still up in the air. but he gives me the smiles and makes me happy, so its all good.
anyway, i discovered that despite my trepidation i not only remember how to give a blow job, i've vastly improved. i guess thats proof positive that watching and reading porn actually CAN make you a better fuck!

also, i got to be the lucky recipient of his first time as top. i have only had one cock prior, despite self-advertising as experienced (all solo work). and let me just say, a deliciously stereotypically proportioned piece of black man-meat to boot.

i love the ego-stroking that accompanies being the more experienced of the pair. getting him to moan and (ready for this? it amused the hell out of me) call my fuckin' name as i administer expert oral to various parts of his body is such a treat. having a writhing, beautiful body begging to have me everywhere at once is priceless. and having the sphinctral control to make him cum within a minute of first sliding his cock in my ass is just icing on the cake.


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