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Apr. 19th, 2009 | 03:08 pm


so, wow.

for the past 2 weeks or so the sexual tension between me and this guy named jenner had been getting progressively more and more intense. we just became friends recently and i was surprised that someone like him was paying me attention 'cause he struck me as a high-maintenance sort of twink who placed more importance on being everywhere all the time than maintaining any kind of relationship. plus he didn't seem to be the open minded type who wouldn't mind that my dick happens to be made of silicone.

anyway, yesterday he said he wanted a massage (payback for a massage he gave me). i got the feeling that it would be more than just a massage because he wanted to do it when nobody was around etc, it felt a lot like a hookup during the planning. and to be honest, while i enjoye(d) jenner's company very much i wasn't keen on being in a relationship with him because i figured he'd had all this experience and was gonna be catty or something. i dunno. he can be shallow or loud or the likes, i guess he intimidated me. but may i just say that he's quite hot. not so hot that i feel guilty for being... not an onlympic athlete (aka nick) but definitely someone whose body i can lavish attention on. it was actually a relief to know that he does have imperfections, because i'm so worried about my own imperfections that i prefer my partners to have some too.
so he came over for the massage and at this point i was not aware that he wanted anything more. i mean, i expected it but i thought i was just being hypersexed or something. but as i was giving him this massage (me sitting on his ass, him face down on my bed) he was basically grinding on the bed and moaning occasionally and generally being adorable.

fast forward lots of time and exploration and he keeps being forward until we end up spooning. heavy petting ensues. as we get closer and closer to or 'goals' i stop him and ask him if he knows about me and my anatomy difference and he said 'of course'. this is the first time, no joke, that a partner has treated it like a complete non-issue to be honest. i double checked with him and when he asked why it matters i told him that it freaks some people out. he couldn't figure out why.
after that point i loosened up a lot. i had been holding back because i didn't know the time to be sure that we weren't getting into an awkward situation and with that tribulation out of the way it was no-holds-barred.
we played hardcore for a while before a calm spot and jenner started being really deep with conversation. it turns out that he's only been in one relationship before, and that was in early high school. he's worried that he wont know what to do. i told him that it wasn't a problem.

man, i'm skipping around a lot. dunno. im just confused. i wouldn't care if he wanted to be fuckbuddies, that'd actually be nice. mostly because i'm not out to people here as bisexual, let alone as a tranny. so if i start dating jenner i know word would get out quickly and then i'd have a lot of explaining to take care of. but we were so nice together, y'know? we fit together well and reciprocated well and it was generally a positive situation where intimacy was just natural. plus he as a most delicious, girthy cock. i'd never had black cock before. mrr.

he ended up staying the night, which was at first against my better judgment and left me thinking 'christ, why did i agree to this? all i want is to sleep and not be sweaty and gross and tired in the morning'. but i fell asleep while we were spooning in my tiny twin dorm bed and it felt really good to wake up to him repositioning his morning wood against my ass. i swear, from the time i first felt his cock to right before i got out of bed he was hard. i fell asleep with the warm, hard weight pressing against my back. this man... mm.
when i woke up i tossed and turned for a while until i got back into spoon position and fell asleep again. we woke up around 11 and played for a bit, mostly just frotting and teasing and fell asleep again to wake up around 12. we played hardcore and i got a taste of his meat but didn't get him to cum, which actually worries me. i could get him close but my wrist/forearm would get tired and we actually never took his shorts off so they were in the way... foiled my plans. ah, well. he didn't make me cum either so i dont feel bad at all.

whatever happens i'm OK with it. it was a fun night (i'm just glad my roommate was out of town, lol) and i don't regret it, but to be honest i have almost no investment on where it heads in the future. if i had a one-night mutual-using encounter that leaves us as just friends thats cool. if we make it a regular thing and fuck on weekends but stay friends thats cool. if he wants to date... eh, that'll take some thought.

so there you have it. my first intimate cock-encounter since nick. i dont consider hookups or casuals with peeps i'll never see again intimate, hence the claim.

it was revitalizing to have control over someone's body again. to remind myself that i am sexual and can be powerful if i want. i was appreciated in a physical way, which doesn't happen frequently for me, lol.

he's a switch, btw. since he's taller than me i'm always the inner spoon, and i love nothing more than feeling his cock sliding over my ass. i want to have him fuck me hard and show his inner top but i also want to see his ecstasy as he takes mine to the hilt riding cowboy.

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